Training and Facilitation

-Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring, Project Management, Strategic Planning-

From board optimization to leading conversations on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, I value creative thinking and enjoy collaborating with individuals and/or groups to stimulate ideas and find solutions to their goals and objectives. I will work closely with you to design, formulate, execute, and evaluate an effective training and/or workshop facilitation tailored to the outcome and impact you need. I provide intensive one-on-one coaching for in-depth personal development and impact-based leadership development.

For a full list of training and workshops, please send in your request.

Vang, J. (2018, Oct 5). Formulating and Implementing Effective Diversity and Inclusion Policy in a Multi-tiered Organization, customized Diversity and Inclusion training for executive corporate staffs in Greater Metro MN

Vang, J. (2018, June 13). Confronting Fragility, Cultivating Humility. Facilitate workshop at the 2018 Nonprofit Leadership Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Vang, J. (2018, Aug-Oct). Rethinking, Designing, Executing Fundamental Board Roles and Responsibilities, Lead grass-root to mid-level organizational Board training and workshops.

Vang, J. (2017, November 3 - 4). Know Your FACTS: Why Overcoming Racism Starts with the Self. Facilitate Break-out session at the 2017 Overcoming Racism Conference: Awakening, Woke, and Taking Command at Metro State University in Saint Paul, MN.

Vang, J. (2017, October 20). Confronting Self-Awareness to Build and Strengthen Emotional Intelligence. Facilitate workshop at Social Justice Education Fair: White Supremacy, Climate Change, and the Future of our Schools in Minneapolis, MN.

Vang, J. (2017, September 28). Changing the Conversation and Value around Domestic Violence in Southeast Asian Communities. Facilitate learning station at the Annual Community Health Conference in Breezy Point, MN.

Vang, J. (2017, September 27). Domestic Violence Dialogue Forum: Implementing Transformational Change through Personal Narrative and Community Organizing. Facilitate Break-out session at the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless Annual Conference in Brainerd, MN.

Neely, N., Vang, J. (2017, August 19). Racial Equity (Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. Co-facilitate café conversations on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility with Young Nonprofit Professionals Network group in Minneapolis, MN.

Vang, J. (2017, June 20). Knowing our FACTS Interactive Workshop and Guest Panelist. Neighbors Meet Neighbors [Hmong] Community Forum on Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility at East Side Freedom Library, Saint Paul, MN. 

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