I am a second-generation Hmong American, born in Linda Vista, San Diego, California, traditionally-raised in rural North Carolina as the youngest of three and only daughter to refugee parents who fought and lived through the Secret War. My childhood consisted of loneliness: always seeking validation and a space to belong, religious indoctrination: vacillated between the morals and ethics of the Christian faith and the cultural practice of Shamanism, and filial piety: a daughter's ultimate duty to fulfill her family's name with all conditions tied to her soul and body. 

It took many hard lessons and truths in my later 20s to break out from the mold and conformity of oppressive social constructs, and I began my own journey of healing, learning and unlearning, growing, and creating safe, healthy, and liberated spaces for myself and for many who desire and seek it. I became an insurgent with a deep passion to amplify collective intercultural narratives, disrupt elite culturism, and invest in community growth and youth leadership. I am a social justice advocate and changemaker, and a life-long learner and progressor in community enrichment. A thriving and vibrant community must be created from within, and it is my upmost priority to develop appropriate changes and growth with the most marginalized and underserved communities. 

I find inspiration in the most unexpected places, things, and people. I am a healing writer, experimental performer, food enthusiast, and curious curator. I am always hungry to explore, understand, and refine ideas and perspectives to build empathy, nurture relationships, and connect meaningfully. The midwest is my chosen home, and I enjoy a work-life integration with side adventures of culinary-hopping and city-scaping, and having lively candid coffee conversations with folks from all walks of life.