Nyob Zoo! Welcome!  

I am July. [Ju-lee]. 

I created this virtual space as a central reference to things I have done, currently am doing, and aspire to do. This virtual hub is a gateway to share the manifestations of my goals to cultivate an equitable community of belonging, unity, and goodness. 

Join me.

I want to connect with you, work with you, your neighborhood, and your organization to optimize the livelihood of our community. We all know that when everyone is given an abundance of opportunities to thrive and prosper, we all will grow and succeed together.

I am an entrepreneurial executive collaborator and coach with accountable achievements in developing effective solutions on racial equity policies, enhancing efficiencies and effectiveness of corporate and nonprofit operations, managing complex projects, building synergy, outreach and fundraising, financial leadership, quality process improvement, and articulate strategic planning. I am a serious (and fun!) mobilizer who drives expertise, focus, and advanced strategic value to multi-scaled enterprises in fulfilling their organizational mission and corporate social responsibility. 

Simply put, I like to help people, organizations, and communities excel in all aspects of their life with coaching, collaboration, and conscious leadership.